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Biohelp's products address the full range of agricultural markets, including cropping and animal health performance, environmental enhancement and mitigation of risk to humans. Soil development, disease suppression, time efficiencies, and production growth are all inherent benefits of the Biohelp product suite.

We add significant value to both Cereal and Process crops. Our focus is on very high performance products, which deliver market -leading results, relative to traditional or existing products. Our products deliver outstanding performance both short and long term.

In addition we also provide superb products for expanding the net returns from the pastoral portion of the farm. Significant improvements can be made to soil recovery and development both during and between crop rotations giving greater immediate returns -eg silage or hay production, lamb fattening- and improved crop performance in the next rotation. Faster crop rotation is also possible without loss of soil structure.

Scientific trials have consistently recorded significant yield improvements (10-22%) with outstanding net returns, when the biohelp products and programs have been utilised.

Our consultants and distributors provide expert advice on which products to use to best suit your situation. They help ensure you get the best returns for the least effort in your individual situation.
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"Everything they said would happen has - yields have continued to rise, disease has continued to reduce, soil has continued to develop."
I Court. Mixed Cropping Farmer Ladbrooks.

"We started with biohelp in 2000 after we had a major disease problem develop in the Yams - Fusarium! Biohelps micro-organism technology solved our problem."
Woodlands Farm Partnership, Waimate.
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CM3 Original
Exceptional performance over Urea. Produces Long term growth response, Results accumulate over time. Dry matter for less than 5cents/Kg. Environmentally friendly, Production oriented.

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Pasture Grow
Outstanding enhancement of pasture, plant, and soil performance Release and produce more plant nutrients (NPKS) Improved pasture quality and clover production Creates deeper, darker, warmer, biologically superior soil Compounding results are outstanding

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