Terrazone Performs beyond expectations

Terrazone has produced some outstanding results. Here’s what the experts have to say about Terrazone.

“We trialed Terrazone on a difficult job. We could see the job taking two applications of glyphosate plus many months to breakdown properly. I was very impressed with the results. We mixed Terrazone with chemical. We got such rapid grass decomposition that the farmer was able to disc and sow the paddock after only 7-8 weeks. Worm numbers were superb and there was very little evidence of turf remaining in the soil after a further 6 weeks.”
- David Morrison, spray contractor direct drill operator.

Calf Supreme

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McDonald Agri-Fert

Doing that extra time can make a difference when rearing livestock – this last season I’ve seen this with my own eyes, when we introduced Bio-Help Calf Supreme, marketed by McDonald Agri-Fert to the Waikato.
My concern was calf weaning weights were too low and especially when calves were required to move off farms up to 25% were behind minimum weights. If you carry this through to a rising 2yr.Incalf Heifer they cannot perform to their requirements. In most cases, especially sharemilkers having their calves exit farms early November, there is not enough time for the last 25% of calves born to reach minimum target weights. Bio-Help Calf Supreme can help you to achieve this.
Clients this last season sent their heifer Calves out to grazing, with Friesian Heifer calves obtaining weights up to 157kgs. Ave. by Mid-December, with Cross Bred Heifer Calves weighing in at 135kgs average and Jersey calves up to 120kgs average.
Experts tell us the cost from a calf born and to get it to an Incalf Heifer is between $850 - $900.
We also introduced this product to clients who were rearing Friesian Bull calves. Results were staggering. At the first Dairy Beef Sale in Frankton, Hamilton, on the 5th October the top end of bulls weighed in at 130kgs and sold at $465.00 each. The second cut weighed in at 110kgs for $438.00 each.
For the last 18yrs as a Livestock agent and for the last 2years as an Independent Livestock agent, the benefits of using this product have been enormous. We had 30+ clients on the programme and already we have more enquiries for this coming season 2007-2008.
Each farmer ran the course for six weeks which cost approximately $1.31 per calf per week and if you look at what’s available this is extremely competitive, if not one of the best prices on the market today.
I look forward to your reply and am confident with the management of McDonald Agri-Fert in their trust in me to sell this exciting product.
Alan Darlington

Client feedback typically includes comments which indicate a healthier more efficient digestive system...

“ After weaning the calves are eating silage – heaps of it ! They’ve never eaten silage before. It appears that they are processing it for the first time ever.”
“They aren’t developing potty stomachs when they are weaned onto grass.”
“They are very healthy and we’ve had no problems since we started Calf Supreme.”
“They are eating a lot less meal supplement but are doing just as well. They seem to be digesting it more efficiently.“

"I have used Calf Supreme for 3 seasons and found that calf-rearing problems have been reduced to nil.  Considering the changes in weather conditions that we experience on this side of the Alps.  We recommend Calf Supreme as the number one product. –
Stephen & Lynley Langridge, Taramakau Valley, West Coast.

"Only year I have not needed to use Sulphur based or electrolyte products to treat digestive failure in Bobby Calves – Nil Vet Bill !!!!  Calves healthier and bigger. 
AS Henderson, St Andrew

Absolutely Brilliant
Ease of use a big plus.  Noticed big Improvement in calves in 3 days.
Wouldn’t hesitate to use Calf Supreme again. 
Alan Cochrane

Biohelp Equine Supreme

“Provides the answer for probiotic use in horses. Our practice is pleased with the product. Client and patient acceptance of the product has been excellent. My professional use of the product has been both for treatment and preventative reasons. Equine Supreme is almost a standard adjunct any time I place horses on antibiotics for long periods of time…. I have had good success with the product for 'picky eaters'. Some report better energy levels. A few racing stables have put their 'whole team' on the product after the success of the product on individual horses…most will comment about good hair coats, normal manure, and good appetites…I have had great success with the product in cases of diarrhorea regardless of the cause. I recommend the product for all horses on heavy grain rations.”
- Dr G. Beeman, BSC, DVM, MVCVS. Equine Veterinarian

“I use Equine Supreme both in my professional practice and on my own horses for restoring and maintaining optimum health. It has been versatile, and reliable. My clients have been very happy with it as well. I highly recommend it for any horse and especially those on a grain ration. I often request mineral enriched product for specific conditions, e.g my own horses require additional iodine. I get Iodine enriched Equine Supreme. This is a useful service for my purposes”.
- Dr J. White. CVCP, B.Sc, Certified Veterinary Chiro practitioner

"We have had this product out for many years and without promoting it we now have a number of very supportive equine Vet practices recommending this product for many horses. I think one summed it up "I wish I had been using this product for the last 2 years when you first spoke about it. It's quite brilliant." It has taken years for more people to realise the benefits of good probiotic/prebiotic substances. Equine Supreme is a really great product." Scott Hobson B.Ag.Sc. Biohelp