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Maximises thatch and stubble breakdown
Increases yields, nutrient cycling, root establishment
Creates deeper, warmer, more productive soils

Highly effective
Pasture/crop renewal is a costly business without having it prolonged unnecessarily. More effective thatch and turf breakdown allows for quicker sowing times and better plant strikes.
Terrazone helps stimulate plant breakdown by the action of concentrated enzymes and other organic compounds on stubborn plant tissues. Natural decomposition processes are enhanced.
Terrazone also contains substances known to promote soil microbial activity, and indirectly worm life. Multiple benefits are possible.

Performs beyond expectations
Terrazone has produced some outstanding results. Here’s what the experts have to say about Terrazone.

“We trialed Terrazone on a difficult job. We could see the job taking two applications of glyphosate plus many months to breakdown properly. I was very impressed with the results. We mixed Terrazone with chemical. We got such rapid grass decomposition that the farmer was able to disc and sow the paddock after only 7-8 weeks. Worm numbers were superb and there was very little evidence of turf remaining in the soil after a further 6 weeks.”
- David Morrison, spray contractor direct drill operator.

Simple and Easy to Use
Simply add Terrazone to your chemical spray application, so there’s no extra application cost.
Use 1- 3L / Ha depending on the intensity of the thatch.

Available Now
Terrazone is available in 20L, 200L, and 1000L containers.
It is pre filtered through very fine mesh to ensure no particles will block spray nozzles.
We deliver it and have a very competitive transport service that can deliver 200L and 1000L containers with ease.

Priced to Use
Terrazone is highly affordable. Its priced to give economic gains for you and can be used regularly.
Bulk discounts are available.
Biohelp Research Trials
Research Trial Results for TERRAZONE

Yields: Increased 19%
Soil changes: Not recorded.
Key Observations: sweeter to taste.
Treatment: Terrazone, Microlife, Crop Zest. Conventional cultivation.
Trial details: 90 pods collected and weighed.

The trials presented here are conducted by both agricultural scientists and clients. Thus a healthy balance exists between formal well conducted studies and on farm field results. Farmers, scientists and consultants have many different views on the usefulness of trials; objections include, efficacy, independence, and the fact that companies only present the good ones etc. Examples supporting these arguments are easy to find within the agricultural industry.

As a company we plan for the bulk of our sales growth to be through repeat business and word of mouth. Thus, it is in our best interests to present trials which represent the potential our products can deliver on a consistent and reliable basis. Biohelp (NZ) Ltd would like to reassure readers that the trials presented here are accurate, contain no bias, and the results have been consistent.
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