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CM3 Original


Exceptional performance over Urea.
Produces Long term growth response,
Results accumulate over time.
Dry matter for less than 5cents/Kg.
Environmentally friendly,
Production oriented.
CM3 responses over the last 4 years. "I am very pleased witrh the performance of CM3 after 4 years. Independent liquid spreaders who measure results in field trials tell me its a notch or 2 above anything else they are asked to apply. CM3 is really thickening pastures which is where the big improvements in dairy pasture performance can come from. e.g we started applying our system to a Southland dairy unit 4 years ago replacing Urease inhibitor technology Urea and volumes of RPR. Milk production has climbed from 85KMS to 127KMS. No Urea is applied and very little fertiliser. This technology is the future in profitability with environmental impact minimised. " Scott Hobson MD Biohelp NZ Ltd. We have over the years spent a lot of time measuring pasture response against many competitive products. Pasture Plus was our most intense grass performing product for 7 years until CM3 was tested against it. Over 7 years Pasture Plus had most often beaten Urea by an extra 7-10KgDM/day (about 200-300KgDM over a month on top of Urea). Occassionally (10-15%) it grew the same as Urea and occasionally (10-15%) it grew 500KgDM more. In 2009 we started field trials comparing CM3 against Pasture Plus on 4 properties. Most trials were started in December when growth conditions are slowest . CM3 consistently grew twice as much DM as Pasture Plus treated paddocks (around 400Kg extra/ grazing round ) with our final measurements done in winter indicating superior long term response as well as short term. The consistency of responses was rare in grass trial work. All the trialing farms wanted to use it as they all saw a difference and also new that we don’t cheat when it comes to measuring grass properly. Due to the consistency of the trials we decided to offer it to the market in 2010. To my surprise most people moved from Pasture Plus to CM3. We had a terribly cold start to the year which means grass growth struggles to keep ahead of stock demand regardless of what was applied. Some dairyfarmers were running out of grass and supplementary feed and looking for someone to blame other than the most obvious thing –the cold! We had several different areas that we could measure to get some idea of CM3’s performance against Urea. Some paddocks had been very water logged. All the different scenarios had CM3 growing an extra 20-25KgDM/day (CM3 vs control : CM3 and one shot of Ammonium Sulphate against 3 shots Urea: CM3 measured after 3 grazings against control on zero Urea farm). Pasture Plus that year was an extra 10Kg/day on the few areas we could measure (so consistent with previous history). So the same trend was observed last year as the year before - CM3 twice as good as Pasture Plus. One field trial in autumn saw CM3 grow 800KgDM/Ha extra in 4 weeks in the sunny spot, 400Kg in half sun and 250Kg in no sun. This trial really highlighted the importance of sun and reflected how weather (warm-cold) influences the response rates. The last trial that went on was in Timaru in late April. 6-7 weeks later there was another 300KgDM/Ha in treated areas. (very pleasing for this time of the year as this farm would struggle to do 400Kg naturally at this time of the year.) It is important to note that we present what we have the opportunity to measure before grazing occurs. We don’t have the resources to measure every field trial before and after every grazing in every situation. Milk and protein production tell us that our products are not short term wonders. Every long term trial we have done over the past 7 years has shown that significant growth advantages continue for over 6 months. Due to this, the cost of extra DM for CM3 is less than 5cents/Kg (the cheapest on the market by quite a margin). You will find a lot of brief field trial right ups on our website for Pasture Plus. Due to our slow approach to advertising and “earthquake hiccups” the data for CM3 has yet to be loaded on. This was written after 2 years. I am delighted to advise that the measurements in our 3rd season have also shown the same growth response above 20KgDM/day extra. On one farm in Autumn they measured an average of 55KgDM/Ha/day compared to 25KgDM/Ha/day on untreated paddocks. The product was applied in early April and I was informed in late May. It will have carried on growing over winter as well.

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