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Calf Supreme

Innoculates the rumen
Supports digestive bacteria
Supports rumen development
Healthier happier calves
Maximise stock potential
Highly effective
Calf Supreme is a concentrated blend of living microbes formulated to assist the development of your calves and in particular their rumen and digestive tract in the first 8 weeks of life.
The development of a healthy rumen, and digestive system is essential for producing strong, healthy, high producing livestock. A dairy farmer pointed out “ A calf with a future production potential of 500kg/season will become a 320kg/season cow of you don’t put the time and effort into developing your young stock correctly. “ Several studies have been done showing that heifer weights relate to milk production.
Increasing calving liveweights for Fresians from 360 to 460 kg increased milk production during the first lactation by ~30kgMS (Freeman 1993). This production benefit extended into the second and third lactation ~63kgMS/yr
Frame size is determined early, so there is doubtful merit in the practice of feeding older heifers to make up for poor growth earlier in life. Conception rates and birthing difficulties are also heavily influenced by Live weights at mating.

Rumen and digestive system microorganisms produce a range of unique organic substances essential for the effective processing of modern calf meals and diets. These include powerful digestive enzymes, essential vitamins (including B group vitamins), natural coagulants, bacteriocins, plus other organic compounds that encourage healthier digestive function.

Better digestive function facilitates the optimum breakdown, absorption, and utilisation of dietary proteins, fats, carbohydrates, electrolytes, minerals and vitamins, supporting stronger healthier calf development.

Your calves get all the ingredients necessary to really thrive. Digestive microbes are the key! Added vitamins A and E assist in preventing the immune suppressing effects of stress.
Calf Supreme gives your calves a stronger, healthier start in life, encouraging them to develop to their full potential.

Performs beyond expectations
Client feedback typically includes comments which indicate a healthier more efficient digestive system...
“ After weaning the calves are eating silage – heaps of it ! They’ve never eaten silage before. It appears that they are processing it for the first time ever.”
“They aren’t developing potty stomachs when they are weaned onto grass.”
“They are very healthy and we’ve had no problems since we started Calf Supreme.”
“They are eating a lot less meal supplement but are doing just as well. They seem to be digesting it more efficiently.“

"I have used Calf Supreme for 3 seasons and found that calf-rearing problems have been reduced to nil.  Considering the changes in weather conditions that we experience on this side of the Alps.  We recommend Calf Supreme as the number one product. – Stephen & Lynley Langridge, Taramakau Valley, West Coast.
"Only year I have not needed to use Sulphur based or electrolyte products to treat digestive failure in Bobby Calves –
Nil Vet Bill !!!!  Calves healthier and bigger.  AS Henderson, St Andrew

Absolutely Brilliant
Ease of use a big plus.  Noticed big Improvement in calves in 3 days.
Wouldn’t hesitate to use Calf Supreme again.  Alan Cochrane

Simple and Easy to Use
Calf Supreme is added with milk from birth to weaning. It may be drenched if a calf is reluctant to suckle. A small amount contains enormous volumes of beneficial microbes. It may be mixed with Rumen Supreme prior to use with ease. It can be applied directly onto calf meal as well. Dose rates are 20ml/day for the first 7 days then 4mls/ day until weaning.
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Calf Supreme is available in 5L, 20L and 100L containers. Calf Supreme has a 4 month use by period.

Research Trial Results for CALF SUPREME

Results: Treated calves grew 8 inches taller at shoulder by weaning with no loose manure or health problems.

Treatment: Calf Supreme

Trial details: 10 calves treated . Farmers field trial. After an outbreak of loose manure a farmer trialed Calf Supreme against rival product. Within 48hours Calf Supreme treated calves had returned to normal bowel movements, with little improvement in groups treated with rival product. He kept using Calf Supreme until weaning. Height and health differences were obvious with height easily measured.
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Priced to Use
Calf Supreme is priced to use and is affordable.

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